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ARM Integrator - HOWTO

Version 0.1, 2008/10/18

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How to compile Prex for ARM Integrator?

At first, you have to prepare the toolchain for cross compiling ARM code. And then, the shell variables must be set for the arm-integrator target.

Step 1. Unpack Sources

Unpack the sources and move to top level directory of the source tree.
$ cd /usr/src
$ tar zxvf prex-X.X.X.tar.gz
$ cd prex-X.X.X

Step 2. Configure

Setup target architecture and platform.
$ ./configure --target=arm-integrator --cross-compile=arm-elf-

Step 3. Make

Run make.
$ make

How to run Prex with QEMU?

You can run Prex with QEMU by the following command.

$ qemu-system-arm.exe  -L . -kernel prexos
After the system boot, the black screen will appear in QEMU screen. Then, you have to press Ctrl-Alt-3 to show the serial console.
Note: Ctrl-alt-3 opens a terminal, Ctrl-alt-1 shows the geust OS, and Ctrl-alt-2 shows the qemu monitor.